Friday, August 17, 2012

Sudarshan chakra mantra

From 108 ancient sciences, there are still some sciences about which common people do not know anything. Such one of the science which had remained famous was fight science (yuddh vijnana). Under this category of the science teaching used to be given to the person by developing one’s power and ability for self and other’s protection. With that teachings related to weapons were also be used to given which act as helper in power development. Under this science it had also been used to taught that how to use energy which is there in land and air to generate power and fight.
This was the science which spread during Buddha era with which new innovations took place and various knowledge of martial art came in touch with different countries. With this, we get idea that our ancient sages must have special knowledge of bio and physic sciences. When this science was merged with tantra side then various processes came to know which were meant to win the fights. Many prayoga came in ront like Seinya Stambhan, Seinya Maaran, Raajya Mohini, Raja Vashikaran etc. with these, most important processes which came forward were astr sadhana. in our scriptures it is mentioned that in fight various astra were brought to use, we find mention of various astra like agni, paavakaa, varun, naag, aghor, bramha etc. all these astra could be gain with sadhana today even. To accomplish sadhana of various god goddess and to gain astra from them such incidents are found in our scriptures. This way sudarshan chakra belongs to god Vishnu. Astra related sadhana are very hard and rigorous and may take several years for sadhak. But there are small ritual too exists related to these astra. By accomplishing which god and goddess send their astra to sadhana for their protection being pleased. But such rare processes are hard to get, somewhere mantra could be found mentioned but processes are hard to find.

This sadhana could be started on any auspicious day. In the night time after having bath sadhak should wear white cloth and sit on white aasan. And with rudraksh rosary one should chant mantra. sadhak should complete 10000 mantra in 7 days maximum, sadhak can make selection of the days according to their capacity but no. of mantra chanting should remain same daily. If one wishes, sadhak can also complete all mantra in 1 day.


After mantra chanting sadhak should wear the rosary and when it is eclipse (solar/lunar) one should chant 11 rosary of the same mantra and should offer 1008 aahuti with the same mantra of honey in the fire. It is great boon that sadhak can have glimpse of sudarshan chakra at that time. Sadhak should bow down to it and pray for the protection. After that sudarshan chakra will remain in invisible form near sadhak and in every way it save from dangers ad enemies. Enemies no more can harm in any way to sadhak.
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